Listen & Learn Series

The YLD Committee’s key initiative is to provide mentorship and support for our members and create professional development opportunities for law students and young lawyers.

In 2024, we are implementing our "Listen and Learn" series. Our Listen and Learn series consists of short informational videos on topics that are relevant to law students and young lawyers. The videos will live on the YLD webpage and can be accessed anywhere at any time.

The third video in our Listen & Learn Series is the first installment in a three-part set!

As Rashmi Chandra, our VP of Membership, remarks:

As part of our Secrets of Success Series, Part 1 will reveal how some seasoned attorneys have come to define 'SUCCESS' in their lives; what does 'SUCCESS' really mean to them in their professional and personal lives, and finally, what are their Secrets of Success in the framework they have built for themselves.

Produced by: Rashmi Chandra and Inakshi Chandra-Mohanty

Edited by: Inakshi Chandra-Mohanty.

For the second video in the 'Listen & Learn' series, watch Aaron Bains, our VP of Conference, describe the Benefits of Attending Conference
For our very first 'Listen & Learn', watch Swati Parikh give her presentation on Mastering the Art of Interviewing

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