SABA North America's 29 chapters across the U.S. and Canada are the heart of our organization.  Together, they represent thousands of geographically diverse and talented South Asian attorneys and take on initiatives to improve access to justice in their communities.  Chapter membership is the primary way of becoming a SABA North America member - visit your chapter's site below and make sure your membership is up to date!

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British Columbia

Chapter Leadership

Each Chapter's current President is elected and listed below.


SABA North America's Board of Directors includes the Executive Committee and each Chapter President (or their designate).
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Chapter Grants

SABA North America chapters are invited to apply for grants of up to US$1000 for innovative programs and events that help build membership.

SABA North America awards grants on a rolling basis, up to a maximum of US$7500 per year. The Executive Committee will approve recipients, preferring innovative programs that engage local members. SABA North America does not usually award grants for annual galas or awards nights.

Applications should include:

    • Description of the program, with its title, day and place, if known (specific plans are preferred ahead of potential plans)


    • The event's membership goal


    • The dollar amount requested and how those funds will be spent


    • The name, email and phone number of the chapter contact person


Applications will be considered three times in 2022-2023. Reimbursements will be issued after SABA North America receives copies of receipts and/or paid invoices and a summary of the event.

If SABA North America awards a grant, recipients are expected to advertise or announce: "Financial Support for this Event has been provided by SABA North America."

Send your letter of application to SABA North America's VP Membership at membership@sabanorthamerica.com. Please include SABA NORTH AMERICA CHAPTER GRANT APPLICATION in the subject line.