SABA North America Executive Committee Elections

                                                         ELECTIONS CALL                                                              SABA 2023-2024 Executive Committee Elections

Nominations for SABA North America Executive Committee for 2023-2024 are now OPEN! We will be soliciting, nominations for all positions except President and Vice President of Annual Conference.

In order to be eligible to serve as an Officer of SABA North America, you must be:

a. a current or past member of SABA North America Board;

b. a current or past Chapter President;

c. a current or past Chairperson of a SABA North America standing committee;

d. a current or past co-Chairperson of SABA North America Conference; or

e. a current or past Chairperson of a standing subcommittee for a SABA North America Conference.

*In order to be eligible to serve as the President Elect, you must also be a current or former Officer of SABA North America for at least one term.***

Find descriptions of all positions here!

If you are interested in running for the Executive Committee, please submit the following materials to Rachna Malkana ( with a copy to

1. A 500 word statement of interest, including the basis for your eligibility and your Chapter Affiliation

2. A headshot suitable for website posting

If you have questions about the elections process, please contact Rachna Malkana at

Nominations must be received by 5:00pm PT on March 17, 2023

Speakers Bureau

SABA North America's Speakers Bureau is a convenient tool to access and select speakers who are leaders and experts in the legal profession in various areas of legal practice to speak at conferences, continuing legal education seminars and similar programming.

It also provides our membership with a great opportunity to broaden their exposure and profile.

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